Traditional Scoreboard System for Karate Events Ver.1.0

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Traditional Scoreboard System for Kumite Only Events Ver.1.0

Traditional Scoreboard System for Karate Events

Introducing our Traditional Scoreboard System, meticulously designed for use with traditional rules in Karate competitions. This system adheres to the classic approach where competitors are represented by the colors white and red, with scoring involving one point and half points.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Rules: Tailored for events following traditional Karate rules.
  • Competitor Colors: Represents competitors with the classic white and red colors.
  • Scoring System: Utilizes a straightforward scoring mechanism with one point and half points.
  • Ideal for Small Events: Perfect for small-scale events that don't necessitate the comprehensive features of the Karate Tournaments System.
  • Simple Competitions: Enables you to conduct simple competitions, displaying competitor names on-screen.
  • Country Information: Showcases the country of origin for each competitor.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Provides basic reporting functionalities for event documentation.

This Traditional Scoreboard System is a practical and efficient solution, specifically tailored for traditional Karate events of a smaller scale. It allows you to manage competitions seamlessly, presenting essential information on-screen while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both participants and spectators.

Upgrade your traditional Karate events with our purpose-built Traditional Scoreboard System. For inquiries or to explore more about our offerings, please contact us at [Your Contact Information]. Elevate your events with simplicity and effectiveness!