Bringing the technology to your tournament. (Trayendo latecnología a tu Torneo)


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The karate tournament system software is designed to be sold as light version, standard version, professional version, and enterprise version, each one of these bundles will include software that will help you to begin your Tournament to the Highest professional event of Karate, for more information visit each one of the Pages designed to explain each one of the different levels of software that we provide.


Karate Tournament System Scoreboard Application

The karate tournament system scoreboard system is Design to run small to large tournament events in a professional way it is a simple software that allows you to have multiple displays and to put each competitor on the scoreboard so they could be displayed at the competition.

Download a Free SCORE BOARD Demo 

Download a Free SCORE BOARD Team Demo

Download a Free SCORE BOARD  Kata 3 Judges Demo

Download a Free SCORE BOARD  Kata 5 Judges Demo 

Download a Free Full System KarateTS Demo 





Download the full version of Professional Mixed Martial Arts Scoreboard System

Download the full version of Sport Mixed Martial arts Scoreboard System  


Mixed martial arts tournament system. This software is Designto be used on professional makes martial arts events in amateur events. We also provide a version of this software for the sports MMA version of the sport. This demo download you can test our product before you do your purchase.

Professiona Mixed Martial Arts Scoreboard System
Sport Mixed Martial Arts Scoreboard System